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 Slots Superstitions and Reality 
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To put a twist on the famous Lefty Gomez, we’d all probably prefer to be ‘lucky’ when we play slots rather to be simply ‘good’. Sure, there are some strategies to follow which can improve a player’s chances at the slot machines, but luck remains the overriding variable that we all wish we had more control over.

For many gamblers, once they’ve exhausted their strategic and odds-improving options, the focus turns to improving their luck. Of course, the ability to do this is debatable if not questionable altogether. Nonetheless, superstitions emerge which help meet this demand and which can take many (personal) forms.

Below we’ve provided a short list of some of the most popular superstitions for one of the most luck-dependent casino games: slots. We obviously can’t guarantee that any of these will improve or change anyone’s luck, but some players swear by them and they can be fun to learn and observe. We hope you enjoy.

Coin temperature – This one is perhaps the most ridiculous, but again, some players swear by it. Adherents will argue that hot/cold (the preference varies according to the player) coins are more likely to trigger jackpots on a machine than their counterparts. We think the theory is a bit suspect, but if it works for you, go ahead and enjoy! Obviously, this superstition is irrelevent for players of online slots.

Catch the sequence - While randomized codes have pretty much made this a moot point, many players continue to believe that you can actually track (Matrix style?) the jackpot patter of a particular machine wait for the right time to win big.

Sticking to one machine – It’s a game of averages, right? Stick to one machine long enough and you’re bound to win eventually. Wrong. Again, the randomized codes make such an exercise irrelevant, yet try to take a machine away from a player who’s been on it a while and you’ll just how committed some folks are to the theory.

Stand, don’t sit – Most casinos offer chairs for players to use at slot machines. You might want to think twice, however, before plopping down and putting in your money – there’s a lot of folks out there who would argue that standing actually improves your chances of winning. Given that a machine can’t tell of course whether you’re standing up or sitting – and probably wouldn’t care even if it could – this one is really pure superstition.

Newer machines pay out more often – Although a lot of folks may be more attracted to the latest glitzy machines, it doesn’t mean that newer or more complex machines provide better odds than their older counterparts. In fact, newer machines most likely even have more sophisticated – and reliable – randomization coding. If you’re like newer machines, by all means enjoy the latest tech. Just don’t think you’re morel likely to win (unless of course you’re very superstitious).

Picking your spot – This might be the most popular superstition of all and it could even have a degree of truth to it. The conventional wisdom these days is that casinos like to place ‘winning’ machines near the entrance to draw more players inside. While there is a logic to such a practice, the truth is that most casinos also rotate machines around on a regular basis, although it’s unlikely (and probably against the law) for them to change their internal coding at the same time.

Seg Jan 29, 2018 2:32 pm
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